Tools Alone Are Not Sufficient for Proactive Management!

Most organizations tend to believe that the monitoring tools alone govern whether they can move to proactive management or not. If they dont detect problems early, then the tool isn’t working right!

I just came across an interesting article on proactive management by David Williams at Gartner. The research report was titled “Tools Alone Won’t Enable Proactive Management of IT Operations”. This is an extremely timely report and well work reading (couldnt find a copy on the web for non-Gartner clients). Here are some quotes from this report that provide good food for thought:

  • IT organizations that believe IT operations tools alone will enable proactive management will fail to meet their objectives.
  • IT organizations that continue to manage their IT infrastructure in non-collaborative, domain-based silo teams (e.g., network administration, server administration) focused on monitoring individual IT infrastructure elements may not glean the proactive value promised by the tools.
  • IT operations must change the way the IT infrastructure is monitored. IT organizations should not assume that using tools alone will make them more proactive.
  • Moving from a reactive to a proactive state requires a combination of things, including the adoption of new/evolving technology, a change in the way IT teams are organized and, most importantly, a change in how IT operations personnel identify IT events.
  • A proactive approach is the new way IT operations must work, looking for subtle changes in the IT infrastructure, analyzing the potential impacts and, if possible, executing a plan to remediate the issue before it affects the business. This will demand dedicating IT operations personnel to IT infrastructure performance analysis and moving them away from monitoring consoles when they have time or are motivated to do so by complaints from end users.

In this context, be sure to review the whitepaper “A Collaborative Approach Accelerates the Transition from Silo Management to True Service Management” that we had published based on our real-world experiences with organizations trying to move to proactive end-to-end business service management.

3 thoughts on “Tools Alone Are Not Sufficient for Proactive Management!

  1. John Worthington February 6, 2010 / 9:30 pm

    It’s going to be great reading your posts…. did the article mention anything like an operations bridge? what suggestions did Gartner have for new organizational structures?

  2. srinivasramanathan February 8, 2010 / 1:25 am

    Hi John, Have sent you the article by email.

  3. Dougie!!! March 31, 2010 / 10:21 am

    Someone once said “A Fool with a tool is still a Fool.”

    The person that said this missed the boat. And the real Fool is the person that thinks you can buy some big platform, stand it up, and pitch it over the fence to be successful.

    Tools are a potential kinetic energy that just sits there. (This is why Shelfware is soo prevalent in the Enterprise Management arena!)

    Until a tool is used as part of personal work habits, team and organizational workflow, it delivers nothing. If noone uses it, its dead.

    Ever notice how there are huge projects to stand up technology only to see it turn into crap? If it doesn’t fit in with what people do at a personal work level – it makes their life easier – it gives them new capabilities – it helps them, etc., it will never be anything but a dormant tool and junkware.

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