Justifying the Cost of A Monitoring Tool

Procuring a monitoring tool is like getting insurance coverage for your IT infrastructure! As long as your infrastructure is working fine, monitoring is not at the top of the mind. The moment there is an incident, the first questions are: what changed? what parts of the infrastructure are not working? where is the root-cause of the problem?

The best way to justify the investment in a monitoring tool is by considering the cost of downtime. Downtime costs vary by industry and are based on a company’s dependence on IT for its day to day operations and the nature of services that are enabled by IT. The chart below illustrates the average downtime per hour for different industries. Besides the financial cost of downtime, you also need to consider the loss of customer confidence, liability, and lost current and future business.

The cost of downtime by industry
The cost of downtime by industry

The above data can be used to build a simple business case for procuring the monitoring solution. Consider the case of a financial institution looking looking to spend $200,000 for a monitoring tool. From the above chart, a $200,000 investment translates into 8 mins of downtime. The decision this company needs to make is whether the monitoring tool can prevent 8 mins of downtime. Suppose the tool is being deployed across 100 servers, this translates to just 5 secs of downtime per server!

Click here to view the results of a TechValidate survey of eG Enterprise users to see the benefits that you can expect from an enterprise-class monitoring solution.

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