Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x: Upgrades/Migrations are Lagging

As a follow up to our previous post, we have some more poll data to share from our Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x webinar in late August. During the webinar we polled the 500+ attendees to find out where they were with the Citrix XA/XD 7.x rollout.

Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x was first released almost two and half years ago. But interestingly, we found that many Citrix customers are continuing to run earlier versions of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop.

eG Innovations Poll: Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop Pre-Version 7.x Installations

Citrix XenApp 6.x continues to be popular, with 63% still running this version. This number is roughly unchanged from a similar poll we conducted a year ago. In our previous blog post we reported that Citrix XenApp 7.x deployments have doubled in this same period, but this new figure suggests that much of the current XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x deployment is concentrated in new farms, rather than upgrades/migrations from XenApp 6.x.

Also, while 19% reported having Citrix XenDesktop 5.x running in their infrastructure, a surprising 16% are still running Citrix XenApp 4.x, despite it having reached end of life.

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Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop 7.x Adoption Growing Rapidly

As part of our Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x webinar in late August, we polled the 500+ attendees to find out where they were with the Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x rollout:


These numbers indicate the rising adoption of XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x in live deployments, as they are roughly double the adoption percentages we collected only one year ago.

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The Biggest Citrix Performance Monitoring Concerns

For years, the biggest complaint of Citrix admins has been that they get blamed for all user experience issues. Over all these years, this situation has not fundamentally changed. 53% of the respondents in our recent Citrix Performance Management Report face this issue regularly. Citrix Performance Concerns

Two other observations are interesting:

(1) There is now increasing awareness for the need to be proactive. The second biggest challenge that our respondents faced is that users were noticing problems before admins did (49%). This points to an increasing need for better proactive performance management.

(2) Also of interest is the increasing need for a single dashboard across the Citrix tiers (46%). Citrix is no longer a single product company, and with the many products in the Citrix suite, customers are struggling to cope with the different administration and monitoring interfaces for each technology. Today, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, XenServer, Netscaler, XenMobile, ShareFile, VDI in a Box all have different administration and monitoring tool. Our respondents see an increasing need for unifying the monitoring, diagnosis and reporting of these technologies.

If these survey findings resonate with you, you might also enjoy this “It’s Not Citrix” poster – download it here.


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As you know, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop have become the predominant means of delivering virtualized applications and desktops – to any user, anywhere, via any device. To deliver the best possible user experience, Citrix environments need to be not only well architected but also well monitored and managed, to identify and diagnose problems early on and prevent issues from escalating and impacting end users and business processes.

We launched a comprehensive Citrix survey in cooperation with DABCC to explore the state of Citrix performance management and to better understand current challenges, technology choices and best practices in our Citrix community. Once complete, we will compile the survey results into a data rich, easy to digest report that will provide you with benchmarks and new insights into the best practices for Citrix performance management.

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